Instructional Rates & Fees

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FAMILY DISCOUNT – See bottom of page.


Registration Fee:
$10 per semester per student

(Covers multiple classes for 1 student.)

Large Group Instruction: 

(Instrumental & Vocal Ensembles / Theatre/ Dance)
$200/semester -or- $50/month on the installment plan.
(see installment plan below)

Small Group Instruction:

(Art/ Piano Lab/ Class Guitar)
$240/semester -or- $60/month on the installment plan.
(see installment plan below)

Class fees are due according to the following schedule:

Payment in full: Due by the 1st day of class each semester.
Payment by installment: According to the semester schedule below:

Fall Semester 2018:
        Installment 1 – due 8/20/18
        Installment 2 – due 9/17/18
        Installment 3 – due 10/15/18
        Installment 4 – due 11/12/17


Private Instruction:

(Piano/ Voice/ Woodwinds/ Brass/ Percussion/ Strings)
30 minute lessons are $18.75 per lesson (Avg. $75.00/ month based on 4 lessons)
45 minute lessons are $28.13 per lesson (Avg. $112.50/month based on 4 lessons)
minute lessons are $37.50 per lesson (Avg. $150.00/month based on 4 lessons)
(Months with less than 4 lessons or more than 4 lessons will be pro-rated accordingly.  Beginning in January 2016, students will be charged for the 5th lesson in any month.)
(No installment plan available for private lessons)

Private lessons fees are due
by the 1st lesson of each month.




Online payments can be made via the online payment center page of this website.  Payment can also be made in person at Aspire! via debit/credit card, check or cash.  There will be a 3.5% processing fee applied to all online and debit/credit card payments. A $20 returned check service charge will be assessed for all deposited items returned for insufficient funds.



The following policy has been established to assist families with multiple members of the immediate family (same household) enrolled in Aspire! Conservatory classes.

No discount available for 1-2 family members enrolled.

Starting with the 3rd family member or third classes your family members are enrolled in, and for each consecutive family member/class, a 25% discount will be applied.  This discount  is only applicable to small and large group classes and will be applied to the least expensive classes.

Discounts can not be applied to registration fees or private instruction.